Our mission

We are hospitable hosts who provide quality service.

Our advantages

Location in the downtown area

Modern interior

69 spacious premium class rooms

High-quality European cuisine with unique charm

Private parking

About LOFT7

The idea of the project, interior and name are inspired by the history of Lviv and its mystery. Why Loft? This style originated in England at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. At the time of innovations and discoveries, people tried making use of any construction, including abandoned industrial buildings…

The distinguishing feature of this approach was keeping a maximum possible number of unique for the industrial buildings characteristics – to put it simply, people wanted to keep everything as it was and save money on reconstruction. The result was pleasing and the style became extremely popular and it stays relevant even nowadays. This style is somewhat brutal with a lot of space and nothing extra, it is a good platform for brave creativity. This is the spirit of this style that is so appealing to the founders of the hotel & restaurant complex. If you dive into the history of Lviv, you can see that in the district, where this complex is located, there was once a gas plant. When the plant was shut down, its premises were left unused for a long time and could not be reconstructed anymore, thus it was pulled down as part of the city renovation program. The LOFT7 project is a revitalization of the history of Lviv: restoration under new conditions and with a new destination. We are restoring the industrial sense of the city but in a new perspective. Today Lviv is rather about hospitality and tourism than about plants and manufacturing. The name of the LOFT7 hotel & restaurant complex has a mystical origin. At the beginning of the works, when we started the excavation for the future foundation of the project, we found an old and a bit damaged metal plate saying “..lo…7”. To tell the truth, we tried to discern the origin of this plate, it was like finding the truth in the manner of “In Search of the Castaways”. We are not going to lie, the plate does not have historical value, however, it is important for us and we hope it will be a good token of success.



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Frequently asked questions:

How far is the complex from the downtown?

It is located in the historic area of Lviv. The downtown is 600 meters away, 10 minutes of walk.

Can you meet me at the railway station / airport?

Yes, we can arrange a transfer to and from the railway station / airport. To order transfer, please, contact us by telephone number +38 (067) 147-00-47

What is located around the complex?

There is a shopping center, clothes store, pharmacies and ATMs.

What is the restaurant’s schedule?

The restaurant works from 13.00 to 22.00. You can book a table by the telephone number: 097 147 00 47

What cuisine does your restaurant offer?

Our restaurant serves European cuisine with a unique charm.

Do you have a parking lot?

Yes, we have a safe parking lot for 50 cars.

Do you have a charging station for electric cars?

Yes, we have a charging station. To use it, install the app go-tou.com and book time at the charging station.

Do you allow pets?

We will gladly prepare a pet bowl, couch and snacks. This service is charged with an extra fee.